Welcome to "Out of the air", an unofficial Pride of mind fansite. Originally hailing from Osaka, this 3-man band wrote and performed dark electronic music from 1992-1996. This site is an attempt to collect and present all available information about their activities.

Site updates:
10/18/2012: Yusuke "Dada" Gotoh announces that he will be collaborating with Atsushi Fukuyama to revisit an old unreleased song. No further details as of yet.
10/18/2012: Added a promotional piece from M Gazette vol. 4 (1995) to the interviews section. Thanks to gabespf for contributing these scans.
12/18/2011: Re-uploaded MP3s of the second demo tape, without skips. Please re-download if you got the previous versions.
12/10/2011: Added scans and MP3s of Pride of mind's first and second demo tapes to the discography section.
4/16/2011: Added information, lyrics, and MP3s for the "flowers of night" omnibus. Also updated the revival demo tape's page, based on new information posted by Yusuke "Dada" Gotoh.
8/13/2009: All interviews now have full Japanese text online. The PRESS:aZ interview was also rescanned in higher quality.
7/29/2009: Major renovation to just about every page on the site.
7/21/2009: Added newly discovered 5-track demo to the discography.