Love light [I feel your breath]

My quiet feeling is fulled of heart.
Every love is mystery.
I demand you without a break.
I can’t say this feelings.Just like under a
spell. so, rescue me
You’re only that you can do it.

flowing breeze (lonely wave)
and float in the sea (every day)
mada fukasa mo shirazu ni
light to me (ride on moon)
so I feel you (day by day)
toki o nagare tadayou yoru
awai kizashi no sora zawameku kaze moete
I’ll wait till you love me.

I call you (for freezing sky)
you’re in my heart (have no face)
maboroshi nara yasashiku
kiss for me (dream of mist)
so I feel you (and love you)
tooku made kanji aereba
kage ni semarareta hikari no umi koete
I want to get your love.
Those blue eyes always groan a paintive singing.
It’s like cold sea. you sinking love,you don’t notice
me. I’m going to pull out a thorn in your heart.
The magic was called love.
I’ll can see that you’ve veiled in light.
akai koe no hate te o sashinobe yume no naka kara tsuredasu