Material world

as time lazily passes I cast away this image
my frozen point of view moves through my inner world, out of my mind
not all of your field of vision is hard fact
a keen sense is the only one that can
pick up the world

I continue to seek a way out, under the usual sky
the laws of physics were reversed by an endlessly pacing apparition1
model of heart
physical laws

all that exists in the realms of reality and fantasy is
merely a stimulus applied to the rods and cones of your eyes2
a keen sense is the only one that can pick
up the neo scene
it’s just your real Material world

you don’t know about this world yet
the world is on top of your sight
it’s part of simulus for your wish
a dream in blinding description for you

Translation notes:
1. "an endlessly pacing apparition": literally, "an apparition that goes back and forth on an omnipresent path".
2. A literal reading of this line would be, "merely the tactile sensation of the circles and lines hidden in your eyes".