The flower bloom in future

Now in the future.The bequest of the past came to
an end.Soul of every shape wander on the land of iron.
One night with a full moon.A tyrant is died and a
riot thrived.Their steps walked up to me.
Machine keep on crying,and the frozen sun said
good- bye.You’re dead twice in 2095.

escape! You want to go there. Can’t you fly?
mistake! You will seize death. rip out my piece
escape! If you save yourself. Can’t you say?
fake! · · · in future dream

Shout resound my fearing heart.And the propeller
blade of lead screaming in the night.
An expressionless sight is fear.But it’s like a sadness
My last instant,I could see into the future.

my rusted body is beset by this age
wherever I go, there is no light to be seen
in the future buried in machinery, a flower blooms