The sky was blue [My supreme love]

My life was feeling warmth,
but you looked at sad.
I want to live alone with you.
I don’t hope expect for love.
That will do · · · · · · · ·

In the dream. I’m standing by myself
in the shade of the dark-moon.
I call you. In front of me,
you showed up in the deep fog.
Why do you conceal your face?

in silence, my pain soundlessly leaves me
talk to me - you smile expressionlessly
my dream starts to disappear, the sun's light shimmers1
touch me - my sorrow cannot be concealed

Always you come in my dream every night.
You did nothing but smile~short distance· · · ·
I wanted to confession of love for you,
and so touch.
Sea was calm.
I love you. The sky was blue.

those days with you, never to return, are now distant
wave to me - everything withdraws beyond the waves
to the boundless sky, the ephemerally swaying blue
watch me - this love cannot heal

I need you. I love you. to say, for see
You need me. You love me. to feel, for live

1. Lit. "plays"