TITLE : Undecided.
AUTHOR : Esmeraude
E-MAIL : Esmeraude@wizard.net
BANDS : Malice Mizer, Pride of Mind
PAIRING : The usual !
PLOT : Klaha must choose between Pride of Mind or Malice Mizer.


Yu ~ Ki smiled while opening his eyes in bed.
Klaha was the first person he saw that morning.
His lover kissed his mouth.

KLAHA : We will never be apart.

YU ~ KI : Mm hm.

He was kissed again.
Klaha heard a knock on the door and went to open it.
He gasped when he saw two people before him.

YU ~ KI : That had better not be Kozi asking us to cat sit for him !

The two people invited themselves in.

MAN # 1 : We need you, Masaki.

Klaha' s eyes narrowed as he frowned.

KLAHA : Klaha.

MAN # 2 : Why aren' t you in your suit ?

He kissed Klaha' s mouth.

KLAHA : I am in Malice Mizer now.

MAN # 1 : Pride of Mind is a better band.

KLAHA : Oh ?

MAN # 1 : Which band is more important ? Pride of Mind or Malice Mizer ?

The door was slammed in his face !
Klaha returned to bed.

YU ~ KI : Who was there ?

Klaha smiled.

KLAHA : Nobody.