Pride of mind

Data: (from "hyp No. 5") (original)
Name:福山敦司 (FUKUYAMA Atsushi)
Birth date:5/16/19XX
Blood type:AB
Hobbies, skills:Getting in touch with nature
Favorite artists:Depeche Mode, Steven Arnold, Marc Almond, Honami Suzuki
Favorite tobacco and drinks:Castor Mild
brandy, wine
Main type of instrument used:My own Atsushi Fukuyama model
Goal:To be happy
Previous bands:I forget

Known affiliations:
Atsushi Fukuyama's previous band (name unknown)
Pride of mind (1992-1996)
Atsushi Fukuyama's solo unit (name unknown, released one demo tape "ランドスケイプ" ("LANDSCAPE"))
BRAND NEW LOVER (session band w/ Malice Mizer's Közi on 11/8/1996)
Affiliated with INSECT ART RAYS, credited on Közi's solo single "Memento", 12/1/2004

Atsushi Fukuyama was the leader of Pride of mind; while Masaki Haruna was in charge of lyrics and vocals, he wrote the music and arranged it. He and Masaki played together in a previous band, and formed Pride of mind together. Fukuyama-san was apparently the originator of Pride of mind's musical style, being the only one of the trio originally acquainted with the music of the 1980s. Atsushi is officially listed on the "Systems of Romance" album as playing guitar and keyboard. Little more is known about him. He is known to have been friends with Közi of Malice Mizer, and played in a session band called "BRAND NEW LOVER" with him at the "Higeki no bansan" event on 11/8/1996. 8 years later, Fukuyama-san reappeared again in the credits of Közi's solo single "Memento", released on 12/1/2004. In October 2012, it was announced that after 16 years largely out of the world spotlight, Fukuyama would be revisiting an old unreleased song with his one-time collaborator Yusuke "Dada" Gotoh. No further details (such as whether this was a Pride of mind song or something else) are available yet.

A rare sample of Atsushi Fukuyama's handwriting, scanned from
Imperfection vol. 10. Addressed to the publisher, in translation it reads:

I am in your debt.
A. Fukuyama
Pride of mind