Pride of mind

This is Pride of mind's second demo tape of the two they publicly released during their main period of activity. The precise release date is unknown, other than it seems to have been released later than October 1994, and available for purchase in August 1995. It originally sold for ¥1300.
The contents of this tape will be mostly familiar to the connoisseur already; "The sky was blue" and "Virulent red" are the same versions that appear on the promotional demos previously unearthed, and "光の中で" is as the "Image Sonic" version. "Lucent", however, was released nowhere else, and is of a rather different style than any of Pride of mind's other songs. Low-key, moody, and somewhat sentimental, it is a "running" sort of piece - perhaps best compared to various snippets of Ér's work, but in a more up-tempo and sustained format. The instrumentation is minimal, perhaps due to it being a live performance; the overall feel is less iconic and more like a "transition" piece such as "Decayed". Given the presumed late date of this release, it may also represent a direction not taken, when contrasted with "Systems of Romance". An interesting offering either way, and a welcome addition to the small amount of live material available. A lyrics sheet seems never have to been included with this tape.

A note on image quality: as with the first demo, the front cover appears to have been simply a photo that was printed out and bent into the proper shape for a tape cover. Presumably having been stored under the same substandard conditions as the other tape, its black ink has likewise faded to green throughout.
Also like Pride of mind's first demo tape, this one came with a "warranty card" entitling the owner to an exchange in the event of any defects on the tape. This particular copy has intermittent issues with skips, but the original owner appears not to have availed him/herself of the opportunity for a replacement.
If you downloaded these MP3s before 12/18/2011, please re-download them. A new version without skips has been uploaded.

Second demo tape cover
Second demo tape track list/credits sheet
Track listing/credits
Warranty card
Warranty card
1. The sky was blue (My supreme love) (download)
2. Virulent red (instrumental) (download)
3. 光の中で (download)
4. Lucent (Live version) (download)