Pride of mind

On 11/8/1996, Malice Mizer held the "Higeki no bansan" event, at which each member formed formed session bands with their friends. Közi's unit was named "BRAND NEW LOVER" and featured himself (vocals, guitar, percussion), Pride of mind's Atsushi Fukuyama (vocals, guitar), and Kido Tarou of A+B No.Ø9P (vocals, synthesizer). Needless to say, having a collaboration between Pride of mind and Malice Mizer, with triple vocals and double guitars, must have been like the time Gilmore, Pat Conway, The Great Creatore, W.C. Handy, and John Philip Sousa all came to town on the very same historic day...

A fan-made bootleg has surfaced, though the quality is poor - probably due to the recorder running out of batteries partway through BRAND NEW LOVER's set. However, the last two songs - including Pride of mind's otherwise lost song "Into the Night" - were providentially recorded properly.
The set list was as follows:
1.Marc Almond - Jacky
2.Louise - Naked
3.Madonna - La Isla Bonita
4.The Mission - Hands Across the Ocean
5.A-ha - Take On Me (download)
6.Pride of mind - Into the Night (download)
7.Dead or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (download)

The full recording of the set is here (38MB MP3, 27 minutes). If anyone reading this is able to salvage more of the recording, please let me know.

Közi's writeup of the event from "ma cherie" vol. 2+3
Partial image of event flyer
Közi performing at the event
Another image of Közi and one of the other members (Tarou?)