Pride of mind

Data: (from "hyp No. 5") (original)
Name:伊藤まさのり (ITO Masanori)
Birth date:8/17/1971
Blood type:A
Hobbies, skills:Fashion, shopping, lapsing into rough talk
Favorite artists:SMAP, Shinji Takeda, menswear, Candy Dulfer, Jamiroquai, Pizzicato Five, Lenny Kravitz, Blur
Favorite tobacco and drinks:He hates tobacco
Gin, vodka, wine, beer, plum wine sour
Main type of instrument used:Headset mic (EX-ProVX-80), percussion, keyboard (SY-99)
Goal:To get in shape, to become popular, and live a great life

Known affiliations:
Vocalist of a student band
Pride of mind (1992-1996)

Masanori Ito was the final piece of the puzzle that is Pride of mind. Near the end of 1992, shortly after Atsushi Fukuyama and Masaki Haruna founded the band, they decided they needed a third person to complete it and move on to live activity. As luck would have it, Fukuyama-san and Haruna-san came across Masanori Ito while attending the first live of a friend's band, and immediately decided he was right for the project. While Ito-san's previous musical experience was as the vocalist for a student band, as well as stints as a guitarist and bassist, in Pride of mind he started as a keyboardist, doing percussion, digital mixing and recording for the first time. In Pride of mind's day-to-day operations, Masanori appeared to act more in a support role than a creative leader. His current whereabouts are probably unknown, though Japanese sites claim that he resurfaced in 2015 as the vocalist of Ga10chocolaT (pronounced "Gateau Chocolat", get it?) This is unverifiable at best, based on the videos available on YouTube, and seems highly improbable.