Pride of mind

After Pride of mind's second lineup fizzled, it seems that Atsushi Fukuyama made one further attempt at band activity: the short-lived duo Recall, which was active approximately from 1999 to 2001. The limited evidence preserved in the historical record indicates that the band seems to have carried on the dramatic flair Fukuyama had cultivated during Pride of mind; the sound was likely dramatic with gothic and techno influences.

The only written description of Recall's work was from issue #1 of カネコヂル (kanekodiru) in September 2000:

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Have you, perchance, been to a Recall live?
Guitarist Fukuyama, exuding a "Phantom of the Opera" aura, drifts onto a stage transformed into an antique castle; all is silent as he gleams in the moonlike lighting. Then the moonlight silence breaks as vocalist Oda enters, black-clad and sleek as a panther, dancing sinuously and howling. As this flamboyant full-body dance progresses, the stage lighting changes from monochrome to full color, and the guitarist, as if picking up sympathetic vibrations, begins to meander about. He calls out in a lovely voice, and the stage goes ablaze with pale fire.
The digital, inorganic music and Oda's strong, sweet vocals form a blend one might liken to dark chocolate - a faint sweetness that hides a bittersweet pain underneath. It is not merely strong, but has a feeling of warmth that will sink deep into the audience's heart.
You really ought to experience one of Recall's dramatic lives.
Currently, EIZI (from FROZEN) is acting as support keyboardist, contributing his own intense and idiosyncratic sound to Recall on backup.


The only known release by Recall is a single demo tape in 2001 (on a European label FOXX RECORDS, oddly enough), containing one remixed track, "Claudina".

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As the tape is not currently in the hands of any public-minded collectors, no further information is known.

The band seems to have done little in the way of promotion or live activity; the above article is the most they got in terms of magazine coverage. There are a few scattered capsule features in "Après Guerre" as well, all of which amount to nothing more than "Coming Soon" or "Live Schedule TBA". They seem never to have taken more than one photo, which they used in all magazines and flyers. As far as lives, their only performance with a confirmed date is an event on 3/21/1999 organized by ART MARJU DUCHAIN.

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Scanned and contributed by Cantavanda

Vocalist Katsuhiro Oda seems to have had no other involvement with the world of music; however there is one contemporaneous account of support keyboardist EIZI's band FROZEN. According to a rather unfavorable review by the inimitable Cameron in August 2000, it seems to have been a industrial-techno outfit.