Pride of mind

1993年10月Flowers of NightThis is one of the 6 versions of an omnibus released by Vintage Live House in October 1993.
1994年First demo tapePride of mind's first 4-song demo was released in 1994.
1994年8月29日Image SonicSong Bird Label released this omnibus in 1994. Pride of mind contributed 2 tracks.
Unknown datePromotional demo tapeThis rare promotional demo contains tracks from the first and second demo tapes.
Unknown date5-track demo tapeAnother demo of unknown provenance, similar to the promotional demo.
1994/5年Second demo tapePride of mind's second demo tape has recently come to light; it most notably contains the only extant recording of "Lucent".
1994/5年Live videotapeA rare Pride of mind live video was produced; only 100 copies are said to exist. This 35-minute tape documents the 8/29/1994 live at the Shinsaibashi MUSE HALL.
1994/5年Live clipsVideo of unknown provenance
1995年11月1日Systems of RomanceThis album, Pride of mind's only CD release, features 10 tracks and was released by Song Bird Label.
1996年Revival demo tapeThis mysterious two-track demo appears to have been Atsushi Fukuyama's short-lived attempt to revive the band after Masaki Haruna and Masanori Ito left. It features Velvet Eden's Dada on vocals.

Known Song Catalogue
Angels of nightX1st demo, promotional demo, 5-track demo, live video
Black sunX1st demo
Bright momentsXSystems of Romance
Dance with moonX1st demo, 5-track demo, live video
DecayedX1st demo, promotional demo, 5-track demo
FlowersXSystems of Romance, live clips
I WANT YOUR ALLXrevival demo
Love light [I feel your breath]XSystems of Romance
LucentX2nd demo (live version)
Material worldXSystems of Romance
Out of the airXSystems of Romance
RedXSystems of Romance, live video
SalomeXflowers of night, live video, Systems of Romance
Tale of one nightXlive video
The flower bloom in futureXSystems of Romance
The sky was blue (My supreme love)XImage Sonic, promotional demo, 5-track demo, 2nd demo, live video, Systems of Romance
Virulent redXpromotional demo, 5-track demo, 2nd demo
VISIONXrevival demo
Walking in my lifeXSystems of Romance
光の中でXImage Sonic, 2nd demo, live clips
Flowers IIunavailable
Into the NightOnly available as BRAND NEW LOVER's cover