Pride of mind

This omnibus CD also known as "1993 VINTAGE PRESENT", released by Vintage Live House in 1993, featured 6 bands and was limited to 500 copies - whether this was total or per-band is unknown. The bands were Pride of mind, STRIPPED LADY, I·Z·M, L'EXTASE, COOL CAT'S, and NOISE-ROSÉ. It appears that each band had its own version of the omnibus, of which five versions have surfaced at one time or another.

Pride of mind's contribution, as might be expected, is an early version of their oldest song "Salome". Unlike the album remix or even the 1994 live performance, this version has a different melody and lyrics for the final segment - clearly it was changed very early on. The musical track is much more electronic-sounding than later takes, probably again due to being an early attempt.
The remaining 5 tracks on the disc are of no particular musical interest; at the time of this recording there was no "visual kei" scene per se, and the other contributors accordingly fall well within the regular rock music end of the spectrum. One amusing side note is that "STRIPPED LADY" went on to achieve major-label fame as "La'cryma Christi" despite their comically atrocious offering here.
Curiously, L'EXTASE is known to have had a demo tape Aesthetics of Downfall - or horobi no bigaku, a catchword which later appears in Pride of mind's 1995 reworking of "Salome". This may represent some degree of artistic cross-pollination or perhaps just a coincidence.

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flowers of night

Shared cover


"SALOME" lyrics


l'extase ver.

Noise**Rose' ver.

1.NOISE-ROSÉPlease this pain···
2.PRIDE OF MINDSALOME (download)LyricsRomaji
3.I·Z·MClose to tears
4.L'EXTASEMISERY ~for a way~
5.COOL CAT'SRashly Dreamer
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