Pride of mind

The "Image Sonic -society market 02-" omnibus, released by Song Bird Label on 8/29/1994, features 2 songs by Pride of mind: "The sky was blue" and "光の中で". It also features two songs by Ér, whose vocalist Hinao provided chorus vocals on the "Systems of Romance" album.
As a side note, while Pride of mind does not appear to have been particularly "social" as bands go, they are credited in the special thanks on Juzika's demo tape containing the same tracks released here. (tape) (sheet)

A full MP3 rip of this disc is available here: Image Sonic -society market 02- (103MB .7z)


Image Sonic

CD closeup

Back cover

Bands 1

Bands 2
1. Juzika - NEO日本語Romanized
2. Juzika - Shed tears日本語Romanized
3. DIANA - 微笑の宴日本語Romanized
4. DIANA - LÁ-es日本語Romanized
5. [Zodiac] - benevolence日本語Romanized
6. [Zodiac] - 黄昏のシナリオ日本語Romanized
7. Ér - 腐界日本語Romanized
8. Ér - MY DEAR IS SINGING HORSE日本語Romanized
9. Pride of mind - The Sky was blue日本語RomanizedEnglish
10. Pride of mind - 光の中で日本語Romanized
11. o×b×j×e - 架空の様な…日本語Romanized