Pride of mind

On 3/25/1996, Pride of mind held its last live with its original lineup of Atsushi Fukuyama, Masaki Haruna, and Masanori Ito. The latter two members left the band, but Fukuyama made clear his intentions of continuing. As it so happened, a certain "Yusuke Gotoh" - better known as vocalist Dada of VELVET EDEN - briefly teamed up with Fukuyama in 1996 after the demise of his first short-lived band E-TYP, and made an abortive attempt at reviving Pride of mind. According to Dada's account of events 15 years later (available at his blog here), the two never really meshed musically. Fukuyama was apparently looking for a vocalist similar to the departed Masaki Haruna, which any listener of VELVET EDEN will tell you is something rather different from Dada's style. For this reason, Pride of mind produced only a single demo tape under this new lineup; it appears unlikely that they gave any live performances or did other activities at the time. Shortly after the making of this tape, Dada quit Pride of mind, and the history of the band - so far as anyone knows - ends there.

A flyer from Pride of mind's short-lived revival

1. VISION - REBIRTH MIX (download)
2. I WANT YOUR ALL - DEEP RED MIX (download)


This is a soft, slow-paced instrumental piece. Nothing too remarkable here.

This was quite an interesting offering. "I WANT YOUR ALL" has a more rock-like sound to it, with electric guitars featuring prominently over a strong beat. Along with this, though, is some of the electronic sounds and effects that music lovers came to appreciate in Pride of mind's earlier work. As for the vocals, Yusuke Gotoh's voice is an odd one. I won't attempt to describe it, but it's worth noting that he sounds more or less the same as he did a couple years later in Velvet Eden. His unique vocal stylings complement the energetic music to create a catchy song that sticks in your head. Unfortunately, lyrics were not included with this tape so I have no idea what Yusuke is saying... other than possibly "I WANT YOUR ALL" at one point. Overall, a solid offering.